John Boyd Jr. called out Pedo-Joe for betraying Black farmers


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May 29, 2001
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Billions in weaponry to Ukraine, billions spent on illegal foreign nationals, buying oil from terrorist countries when we have our own, wasting millions of COVID relief funds on Green Energy and woke agendas, but not one penny to these American farmers who feed our country and other countries. Another example of "America last" by these leftist morons.

Black people: Leftists use you and will continue to use you. You are expected to automatically vote Democrat. If you don't then you aren't Black, according to Pedo-Joe. All talk to get them elected and once you help them get elected, you no longer matter. Of course Pedo-Joe didn't honor his promise. How does this surprise you?

Bleaters bleat with approval

Stop voting party! Vote America!

Leftists are destroying our country

LINK: Black farmers are taking legal action against Team Pedo, arguing the White House failed to deliver on its debt relief promise as thousands risk foreclosure on their land.

President of the National Black Farmers Association John Boyd Jr. joined "Fox & Friends First" Monday to discuss how the White House has betrayed farmers of color, saying "these are some of the hardest economic times in history" for farmers due to fuel costs and rising inflation. (Thanks Pedo-Joe!)

"Team Pedo has let down America's Black farmers and other farmers of color," Boyd Jr. told co-host Todd Piro. "Here we are with promised debt relief to the tune of 120%, and I've been trying to meet with Pedo-Joe about this."

"Many times on your show I made this request, and that request fell upon deaf ears after the pedophile gave me his word last July that we would have a sit-down meeting, a real-time meeting to discuss why Black and other farmers of color had not received the actual 120% debt relief," he continued.

"Team Pedo repealed it… and we see it as a broken contract between Black and other farmers of color and a broken promise on behalf of this child predator to not deliver for a body of people who certainly delivered for him."

John Boyd Jr. has long criticized Team Pedo for failing to invest in American agriculture, saying he has requested to meet with him on numerous occasions to discuss his vow to provide debt relief to farmers of color.

Most recently in the push for debt relief, the Inflation Reduction Act removed what would have been a "moratorium provision" to provide financial relief for certain farmers.

But John Boyd Jr., who has been farming for nearly four decades, said debt relief is a decades-old request that has yet to be honored.

"Team Pedo has to put America's farmers first and in that definition has to be the Black farmer," Boyd Jr. said. "This is the oldest occupation in the history for Black people in the United States.

"… The jackass can resolve this right now if he's willing to come to the table and talk about this broken promise and how he's going to make it right," he continued.