Democrats Control 18 States With Just a Single County in Each - Inside the Impact of Urban Election Rigging


Hall of Famer
May 29, 2001

Capt. Seth Keshel

Jun 15

It is clear that election riggers have turned manipulation into a science. I have repeatedly demonstrated that the major democrat centers were massively inflated in key states, while the massively “red” Republican areas were artificially shaved to generate smaller Trump margins. After all, there was not enough paper in Philadelphia to give Pennsylvania to Biden without the Lancasters, Lycomings, Yorks, and Westmorelands of the state being rigged, too.

Democrats are masters at taking over and completely owning massive urban centers. In fact, 18 states “won” by Democrats in 2020 are controlled electorally by one single county. This means there is no combination of Republican counties that can combine to overwhelm the Democrat margin for the largest Democrat county, let alone negate any other “blue” county inside the state in focus. The result is a permanently blue state, like all in New England, which flipped entirely in 1992.