WVSPORTS.COM West Virginia head coach Neal Brown press conference summary

Keenan Cummings

Fact Based and Wonderful
Sep 16, 2007
--West Virginia head coach Neal Brown said it was a complete team win against Virginia Tech.

--Texas has talent at quarterback and the running back room is impressive. He does a nice job using those guys and the tight end is a really good pass catcher and they also have Xavier Worthy at wide receiver. Their offensive line has improved and Steve Sarkisian has put them in position to be successful. They will motion and shift. On defense, they go six deep at defensive tackle and have a lot of veterans all over the roster. The biggest challenge is those guys in the middle and they are playing the run at a high level. Both cornerbacks are playing well. Schematically they do a lot on special teams.

--Charles Woods will be out but most everybody else will be available.

--Winning turnover margin, running the football and stopping the run will be key for a win.

--A lot of similarities between the two Texas quarterbacks and how they prepare won't be much different depending on who is going to play. They are as well covered as any team in the country.

--Jacolby Spells only played that position two years at American Heritage he is going to learn and get better and have explosion. You have to be comfortable with mistakes and he is going to continue to play and continue to improve.

--CJ Donaldson's conditioning was better but it was cooler and he will be tested down in Austin. They have emphasized getting into shape.

--The approach to running the ball doesn't change with Justin Johnson emerging. They will look at some multiple running back packages down the road. Happy for Justin Johnson because he did show that in the spring.

--Brown coached in Lubbock for three years and it was an odd wind the other night in Blacksburg. It was blowing hard toward their locker room but down at you. It was really difficult the other night but returning punts is the hardest thing in football especially with how many different types of punters there are.

--Texas is a conference game and it's been a good game since they've been in the Big 12. It is a cool venue to play at, but they lay out the schedule and they go play them.

--They've just been rotating the line. Jordan White is getting really close to being full speed. He has dressed the last two weeks but they haven't felt he was 100-percent.

--When you have success running the football you're getting more first downs. They haven't had as many big plays as they'd like but they have been productive in the run game and that really helps.

--Ja'Quay Hubbard and Brandon Yates have both been getting better. Solid in the run game and better in protection.

--Texas has run upwards of eight kickoff returns. They have two guys that can change the game back there in the return game.

--Texas Tech ran 100-plays against them last week, but the fewer snaps the better.

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