NYC taxi driver's killing sparks outcry as violent crime surges: 'Common sense needs to prevail'


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May 29, 2001
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Dem-city bleaters crying about crime need to stop voting for leftists who hate our country. Suck it up and lavish in the filth you all created. Unless you're @NYC_Eer. We know you're loving this.

LINK: The spokesman for the New York City Federation of Taxi Drivers called for justice Friday for crime victims after 52-year-old Kutin Gyimah was beaten to death in Queens by passengers who refused to pay the fare.

Three arrests have been made in connection to Gyimah’s death, with one 20-year-old facing manslaughter charges. Police, however, say there are more suspects.

Fernando Mateo joined Gyimah’s widow Thursday as she remembered her late husband during a press conference.

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