BIG 12 expanding out west?


Feb 24, 2008

That is not part of the plan.
Why intentionally bring on dead weight? What does Oregon St, Stanford, Cal and Washington St bring to Fox, ESPN, etc?

Why have I been right about everything so far?
I'm thinking chess.

To see what I see, you need to abandon how most folks are looking at this. This is a business venture where the major networks, the SEC/Big10 and Big 12 are forming a brand new football league where men's basketball will be tolerated and everything else can pound sand.

When you embrace that fact then the rest is easy. Designate who makes the cut and peel off as much dead weight as can can be done legally. No middle man. Not only the NCAA but perhaps even most of the bureaucracy of the conferences themselves.

My guess? The non-profit making sports stay right where they are in some quasi NCAA conference simply to house these teams. Remember Title IX is an NCAA rule. Pull football and basketball from the NCAA and then watch women's sports get slashed left and right which will save millions of dollars in scholarships, travel, etc.

I'll guess that shit hits the fan in the early 2030's.
Big12, lol