Will the BIG 12 expand again?


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Aug 5, 2009
Easy to claim you didn't write something you did when there is no way to go back that far on this site.

I said Brown WON 5 games two seasons in a row and that he did. He got a 6th win IN A BOWL that only happened because Brown didn't have to face FSU or OU and the NCAA allowed five win teams a bowl game (and he got to face a G5 team).

Brown finally got 6 wins last year, but lost badly in the bowl against a very mediocre Minnesota--which you conveniently leave out.

And of those wins, he beat 3 fcs teams, a G5 team, Kansas 3 times. He beat one P5 team with a winning record in 2021 (7-6 ISU). He beat one P5 team with a winning record in 2020 (6-4 TCU). Beat one P5 team with a winning record in 2019 (8-5 KSU). That's it. That's what you are championing.

Brown was a poor hire and terrible extension. Holgorsen PERFORMED and brought real results, all of which you crap on because you don't want to admit the successes--was the second winningest coach in WVU history against the #1 schedule, a switch to a major conference and a major roster rebuild. He won 10 games TWICE, coached WVU to and won a major bowl in historical fashion and had WVU performing at well over its historical avg wins per year. He brought WVU a top 10 offense in the nation. Had WVU mere pts. from a matchup in the BIG 12 CCG--yet morons like you are acting like he destroyed WVU football and Brown is some answer? Huh? Brown has been a disaster for WVU football and he may be the END of WVU football as a major program if this b.s. continues. Yet here you are trying to ignore Brown's FAILINGS and put down the second winningest coach in the history of WVU football.

Fan? Obviously that you are NOT.
You claim Holgorsen got 10 wins twice. Well his 10th win in 2011 was a bowl win. So I guess he only won 9.

Your hatred for WVU fans that know you are nothing proves you're a troll. Your following reply will show that.
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