WVSPORTS.COM West Virginia head coach Neal Brown press conference summary

Keenan Cummings

Fact Based and Wonderful
Sep 16, 2007
--West Virginia wanted to control the clock and explosive plays are hard against them. They made first downs and kept doing it. This was a three-phase win and it's the first team that has beaten them. They felt they should have won last year, but this one they got it done for the first time. The Mountaineers kept Oklahoma to 1-13 on third and fourth down. The Mountaineers had a toughness drive to close out the game and were able to walk-off with the win. Special teams was huge. It was a field position game and they had four punts inside the 20 and the fake punt was executed.

--They gave Garrett Greene some more snaps during the week and they had to win the game by controlling the clock and running the football. West Virginia felt like they needed an extra guy and a running quarterback is a better answer against edge pressure. The weather played a major role in the decision. Greene always has energy and he is happy for him. Brown will make a decision sometime this week on quarterback. They haven't made one on who will start against Kansas State.

--Both quarterbacks will play.

--West Virginia wanted to do the fake punt against Iowa State but it was such a back and forth game with weird field positions. It was 20-13 if they punted back they had momentum so they went to that play. Sam James has played big today and he has put some really good football games together. James made a huge play on a deep ball under duress. Malachi Ruffin was put out there today and he had opportunities to play and you can see his confidence growing. Brown talked to his players before the game and fear of what can happen or fear of going bad or not making a play you can't let that enter the mindset.

--Outside of the Texas Tech game they have played the right way and they just haven't had their bounces go their way. This team has competed and has fought and they believe and now they have to go back and do it again. Have to put together back to back performances together.

--Oklahoma ran the ball more effectively than they would have liked but some of that is they are good. They did a good job getting them out of gaps with some motions. The kids kept battling. When they had opportunities to get off the field in third and medium, third and long they did. The older guys on defense showed quality leadership. They had their fastest times all season in practice this week and that's usually a good sign.

--Charles Woods didn't practice all week.

--Treylan Davis has gotten a lot better.

--Brown has high confidence in Casey Legg. He doesn't get rattled. He plays the game with a real peace. Legg likes the right hash.