WVSPORTS.COM West Virginia head coach Neal Brown press conference summary

Keenan Cummings

Fact Based and Wonderful
Sep 16, 2007
--West Virginia head coach Neal Brown offers his best to Greg Hunter who did not make the game tonight due to illness.

--The game came down to turnover margin, who could establish the run game and scoring touchdowns in the red zone. He is proud that they overcame adversity. West Virginia has won three of four and the demise is ahead of itself. They were able to come back. The team showed a lot of grit. Defensively they gave up some yardage and some plays but they also lost four guys during the game. They got a turnover and they kicked a field goal on the final two drives before the last on defense. Offensively they felt they were good all year. They had 74 plays for 500 yards and they ran it for 219. Their front six is really good at their wide receivers had some drops last week but they made a bunch of contested catches. They made plays and they are growing up.

--Tony Mathis was decisive and Kaden Prather is going to be as good as he wants to be,

--Brown felt they were going to make a play on special teams and they did. Every play matters and he's really proud of the guys.

--The biggest play of the game was the fumble recovery that got returned. West Virginia didn't play great in the first half offensively but it was more things that the Mountaineers were doing. They have to get better on defense and they played better in the fourth quarter but if they play hard good things will happen. The ball hasn't bounced their way much this year, but it did tonight. Once they got going offensively they didn't make enough plays.

--It's important to win a close game. They had chances to win game one and game two. The people that were here tonight saw a hell of a football game and the people that weren't will probably be disappointed they didn't. End of game scenarios they worked them a lot so he felt good about the two minute situations.

--Brown hopes that this sets them up for a stretch run. They have a chance to get some wind behind us.

--They were able to keep Baylor off balance this week and the score never got away from them so they didn't give up on the run too soon. They didn't worry about double teams as much and their running backs were decisive and they broke more tackles.

--West Virginia would rather not give up deep pass plays. They were clearing and bringing a big under and it was affecting them. They lost Rashad Ajayi, Wesley McCormick and Andrew Wilson-Lamp at different times in the game. Some of it is scheme and some of it is driving on the ball but it's not all on the secondary, some of it is on the linebackers.

--You can't be as aggressive and stay in two safeties. You want to bend but not necessarily break.

--Prather has a really good skill set and has size. He runs really well and has good ball skills. For him, it's about maturing as a person and a player. He's starting to put it together. Since then he's played at a high level after the first game.

--Justin Johnson and Tony Mathis had their best week of practices and it showed today. Justin Johnson is really good at setting up runs and he's the most patient. He had one where he fell down but the rest of the time he was really good.

--Brown has believed all year that he has a good football team. They've been opportunistic at times and been good on offense. They got a couple bounces tonight yes, but the kids have busted their ass and paid the price. They've worked takeaways and pursuit more than anything and when you run to the football and the ball is on the ground you get it.