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Sep 16, 2007
--West Virginia head coach Neal Brown said that a couple days on the bye week they scrimmaged three times with the younger guys. They practiced twice and started Baylor prep on Friday and scrimmaged Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday which is what their Sunday night football is. Defense won the three day scrimmage overall around 100 plays total. Asani Redwood has a chance to help as they progress down the season. Raleigh Collins could increase, Jaylon Shelton at corner could get some looks this week after being injured. Jairo Faverus did a nice job and Aric Burton is a freshman. Nicco Marchiol is improving and Jaylen Anderson had three nice days. Dylan Ray and Hudson Clement will redshirt but each had nice days.

--Baylor dominated West Virginia last year and they hit a bunch of explosive plays. They physically got after them last year and they are well coached in all three areas. They are very consistent week in and week out. They do a great job on special teams and the punt return game will be something they keep an eye on and prepare for this week. Defensively it starts with their front. Their linebackers makes them go. Their front six has done a really good job of controlling the run game which has allowed them to play a lot of two safety defenses. Offensively, their strength is their offensive line and the genius of what they do is they don't run very many plays with quick game, play-action and running outside zone. They use a lot of shifts, motions and other things. Blake Shapen is a guy that can hurt you with his legs but he gets the ball out on time. They are really fast and decisive at running back. Their leading receivers are their tight ends and they will use them a lot playing two or three at a time. Good football team they are a top 25 team and they are the Big 12 champion until they aren't.

--The Texas game against Oklahoma did not change his evaluation of his own football team although he doesn't know if it did publicly. He felt like it was a game they could win going down there, but they just didn't do what they needed to do to win it.

--Baylor is good enough with the front six so when you're in 11-personnel they can play a six man box and it prevents any one-on-one in the pass game. The other piece they do on third down is scheme protections and put you in some conflicts which are new week to week.

--Charles Woods is at least a week out. Mike O'Laughlin will update later in the week and CJ Donaldson is out. Everybody else is available.

--Rashad Ajayi played the best in the back end but got hurt in the second quarter. Aubrey Burks only played six games last year but has continued to get better. He will continue to grow. Andrew Wilson-Lamp is the best football he has played. The pieces are the pieces back there and they will give them some opportunities. They just have to get the guys they have better.

--There is a difference between getting statistically rewarded and making the play. No. 62 for Baylor does that. He does his job as well as anybody does in this league.

--It's different he hasn't spent a lot of time watching film from last year it just sticks out in his memory because they played so poorly. They physically got after West Virginia last year and were the aggressor.

--From a situational standpoint it changes the running back rotation not having CJ Donaldson. His role was growing and he wasn't playing as well as he had against Texas because of fatigue. He will come back even stronger because his body will feel better.

--Aranda is very true to himself. He is consistent and the football team has been consistent with how they have played. Their level of play has been consistent.

--West Virginia has been playing three running backs, but now they will play two. They were using CJ Donaldson a lot on third down because hes a great receiver. Jaylen Anderson would be the third.

--Treylan Davis will play and he doesn't think anybody will notice a difference.

--West Virginia just has to make the plays and avoid fundamental issues. The drops are about hand placement and tracking the ball. They're doing the work but they have to do it in pressure situations.


Sep 19, 2005

Wake me up when he removes his buy out. Otherwise we have all heard his bullshit before.

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Mar 16, 2014

Wake me up when he removes his buy out. Otherwise we have all heard his bullshit before.

The Man of Steel(EER)
I don't think that's fair to Keenan. It's his job to write this stuff up, and plus it saves time because it's a lot quicker to read his summary than to watch the whole thing yourself. Or if you're not interested what NB has to say then you can save more time by not reading Keenan's summary and yet more by not responding to his posts about the summary.


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Aug 5, 2009
--Treylan Davis will play and he doesn't think anybody will notice a difference.

True on that point. Nobody will notice.

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