Pedo-Joe's economy: 'Remarkable incompetence' to go from a booming one to high inflation


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May 29, 2001
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Leftists are destroying our country

LINK: All of this woke, progressive Keynesian economics has just failed dismally, and you should add to that the war against fossil fuels.

I mean every country, the U.S., Britain, the European Union, they have all fallen into the same trap now. There is some hope with the new prime ministers in Britain and Italy – maybe we can talk about that. There's also some hope here with the Contract with America, the new Commitment to America which is I think - really hits all of the high spots. There's some hope, the new poll, WABC, Washington Post poll- 21% of the swing districts are going Republican. Let me rephrase that. Republicans are ahead 21% over Democrats in swing districts around the country.

So, people see right through what Mr. Pedo-Joe is saying and his fraudulent assertions, but unfortunately in the short run we are pretty much all of us in all these countries in recession, going into a recession and the recession is going to get deeper as interest rates rise, and these central banks collectively fight inflation. So, it's going to be a tough story in the short run, very tough story.

Think of it. It's not an easy thing in about 15 months to take a booming economy with no inflation, which is what Donald Trump gave the pedophile, and then turn it into a bust recession, high inflation economy. That is not easy to do. It takes remarkable incompetence, and again it's all this big government, socialism progressivism, and the fight against fossil fuels. It’s completely backfired and all your earlier guests I think are right. People see right through it and I think there's going to be a middle-class populist revolt against it.


Shirley Knott

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May 27, 2017
Simple to facilitate.. Just reverse all policies enacted by Trump... BOOM--- the bottom falls out.
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Jan 2, 2009
It's got to be intentional destruction of the US economy. Nobody could be that incompetent.
The Federal Reserve shoulders part of the blame along with Biden but they are of like minds and on the same team. They prioritize a nonsensical, woke social justice ideology over common sense economics.
Inflation started to balloon in 2021 thanks to Biden's stupid spending and energy policies and the Fed had a chance to tighten things but they listened to the idiot Janet Yellen for months saying it was "transitory". The leftists continue to lie to the American people about what they have wrought. Worse yet, they're looking for some way to blame Trump and the MAGA movement for the economic disaster caused by their own policies.
These Democrats deserve a lot worse than just getting thrown out of office.
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