Official Summary


Sep 19, 2005
1) Kneel lost this game by being a pussy on that 4th and 1 call. That Pitt defense was gassed. We have a #240 wrecking ball who was shitting all over those guys. Unbelievably bad call.
2) Our OLine gelled somewhat. I'm not saying they're very good, but they looked like a cohesive unit at least.
3) We have our best QB since Brown got here.
4) Thank God Brown is not calling f@#king plays anymore.
5) We have a sledgehammer at RB. I f@#king love it.
6) Our WRs are better than last year, but boy is that a low f#cking bar.
7) Our defense is pretty good. Our CB's are going to get lit up at times when we play B12 teams.
8) Pitt will be a top 25 team only because the ACC sucks something awful.
9) CJ Donaldson will make some big time money at OSU or Georgia with that NIL/blatant tampering bank next year.
10) Anyone who is still backing Kneel Brown drinks Ovaltine when they want to "knock back a cold one."


Aug 23, 2012
All I know is I feel like shit. Stayed up to late and drank to much just to be crazy disappointed. Very entertaining game until the pick six.
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