NYC schools 'overwhelmed' by influx of migrant students: 'We are not prepared for this'


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How could a city that claims it's a sanctuary city for illegal foreign nationals, not be prepared? And why should Arizona and Texas, both of which are not sanctuaries for illegal foreign nationals, be expected to?

These illegals, swarming into our country is LEFTIST POLICY. Leftists states should be FORCED to handle the influx of illegal foreign nationals. Leftist bleaters voted for it, so they should deal with it. Red states shouldn't have to suffer for leftists' and their bleaters' stupidity.

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LINK: Some New York City schools are warning officials that their teachers and staff are not prepared to handle an influx of thousands of migrant students.

District 2 Community Ed Council member Danyela Egorov joined "Fox & Friends" Thursday to discuss the struggle facing these schools as 5,500 Spanish-speaking students are being enrolled.

"Our schools are not prepared," said Egorov. "We don't have bilingual teachers. Children are being asked to translate for our children. Our schools were not prepared to receive this influx of students. And we want to make sure that everybody is being served well."

Egorov said city schools are already struggling to fully recover after the pandemic closures.

"Our schools are doing the best that they can. But the problems from the federal government, from city and state, are being dumped in our schools. And it's not our responsibility for us to do immigration policy."

Egorov said there is a concern about learning gaps in the classroom since most of the migrant children do not speak English.

"Our teachers are doing the best they can, but you cannot teach five grade levels in one class."

"We definitely need a lot, much higher level support to really make sure that it doesn't impact our schools," said Egorov.

According to the New York Post, a Manhattan public school with just one certified bilingual teacher is reeling under the weight of a sudden influx of migrant students who don’t speak any English.

"We’re overwhelmed," one frustrated teacher at PS 33 Chelsea Prep said Tuesday.

Officials in Staten Island said this week they're concerned about local schools seeing an "unsustainable" influx of migrant children in the coming weeks.

Travis Civic Association President Gene Guerra said the school in his neighborhood is already "overflowing" and he's unsure if the principal would be able to accept more students.

"There's really no place to put these children," said Guerra, telling host Carley Shimkus one school is already using a cafeteria as a classroom.