Nadler, in primary debate, calls for more federal funds for NYPD; denies past support for police defunding


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He's like today's bleaters...All giddy until it blows up in his face.

Leftists are destroying our country

LINK: Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., said Tuesday night that he supports more federal funds for the New York Police Department, denying that this is inconsistent with a position he took two years ago at the height of the "defund the police" movement.

In a primary debate that pitted the House Judiciary Committee chair against House Oversight Committee chair Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y., and progressive Suraj Patel, a moderator confronted Nadler over a 2020 interview he gave with a local publication in which he appeared to support defunding. Nadler insisted that is not what happened.

"I did not say I favored defunding," Nadler said. "I said that I thought some resources should be shifted from the police to mental health and social services, as they were … because the cops can’t do everything, you need social services and mental health services in order to decrease crime too."

The interview in question was with the West Side Rag. The congressman was asked about the calls at the time to defund or cut the budget of the NYPD, and if he would support this.

"Yes, it certainly should be cut," Nadler said at the time. He went on to say that the city's needs are for greater funding for things like social services and education, but then went back to talking about cutting the police's budget.

"We’re spending too much on the police," he said. "There should be substantial cuts to the police budget and a reallocation of those funds to where we need them."

Fox News reached out to Nadler's office for comment on this, but they did not immediately respond.

Nadler gave that interview just weeks after the murder of George Floyd, who was killed by a police officer during a stop. His death sparked nationwide protests and calls to defund – and in some cases abolish – police departments. Two years later, rising crime in New York City has led leadership including new Mayor Eric Adams to take tougher positions on law enforcement.

The New York congressional primary race for the state's 12th District has been a hot one, as redistricting has resulting in Nadler running in a new district instead of his current 10th District. With him squaring off against Maloney, who currently represents the 12th District, Democrats are assured of losing one of the current committee chairs, if not both. Nadler recognized this during the debate, essentially telling viewers not to vote for Patel.

"Losing one committee chairman would be unfortunate for New York," he said. "Losing two committee chairmen would be catastrophic."

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Will also deny he shat his pants during a televised Dem speaking engagement...Nancy was at the mike...
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