Miami mayor slams Pedo-Joe for dividing the nation in order to 'distract' Americans


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May 29, 2001
Williamstown, WV
Sadly, that's the leftist plan. Divide and destroy America as we know it. Pedo-Joe has a fart for a brain.

Leftists are destroying our country

LINK: Miami Mayor Francis Suarez criticized Pedo-Joe for continuing the divisive narrative against MAGA Republicans ahead of the midterms. Suarez highlighted Miami's economic success as proof that uniting is better for America's success than dividing.

That's precisely what he [the pedophile] should be doing, is unifying the country. That's what all public officials should do. That should be our always our focus. Instead, what he's chosen to do is demonize people who don't see the world the way he does. He hasn't done anything to promote innovation in areas that are extremely important, like education, for example, competition in education.

Obviously, the runaway spending has created all kinds of issues related to increases in rental prices throughout the nation, which is causing a tremendous amount of pressure on people. Increases in energy, increases in food, historic inflation. Cities like Miami, we've balanced our budget. We have surpluses.

Believe it or not, we actually have more money in our bank account than we have to spend, which I know is unheard of in government speak. But because of that, we have 1.4% unemployment. We had 12% growth last year, the second most growth in recorded history. So, while the pedophile decides he wants to divide us, to distract us, we are in Miami staying united and growing.

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