less than three percent of doctors giving Obamacare an “A”

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    obamacare isn’t popular among the American people, and doctors are beginning to feel the same way.

    Approval ratings among doctors have begun to decline for the first time in several years, with less than three percent of doctors giving obamacare an “A,” according to Medicus’ 13th annual Physicians Practice Preference and Relocation Survey.

    “The ACA took this terrible broken health care system and added a lot of burden onto physicians,” Atlanta urologist Brian Hill told CNN. “We’re losing the focus of who we’re supposed to be taking care of: the patient. You’re not my customer anymore. Now, I’ve got to respond to the federal bureaucracy, not you.”

    “When we have to deal with the industry of health care, when I have to deal with all of the bureaucracy and the burden that’s built around the system of health care, that makes medicine difficult,” Hill continued.

    Doctors can’t respond to the needs of their patients, and patients can’t respond to the needs of their families. obamacare’s massive slate of regulations has removed the focus from health and medicine, and put it right where the feds want it: on Washington, D.C.

    It’s time the federal government learned that this country does not revolve around them. Millions of Americans have joined the Convention of States Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to calling the first-ever Article V Convention of States. At such a convention, delegates can limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government and return that power where it belongs — the states and the people.

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