Another Pedo-Joe failure, another Commie La Harris embarrassment


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May 29, 2001
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LINK: Texas Governor Greg Abbott is dealing with the 'awful reality' of Pedo-Joe's border crisis

The communist Vice President, KCommie La Harris, has spoken out about the death of 53 migrants in that boiling-hot, sealed truck in Texas.

She also had something to say about the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, who had blamed Team Pedo for the deaths.

The communist has been widely criticized for her vague, "word salad" statements. That was another one. But let’s boil it down:

Commie La Harris says Governor Abbott went political instead of "dealing with the realities of the issue." Wrong.

Governor Abbott is dealing with this awful reality - a reality created by Pedo-Joe's border failure.

It is Texas which is putting in resources. It is Abbott who is doing Pedo-Joe’s job.

Commie La Harris says the government is taking "smuggling" very seriously. Well, let’s call it by its proper name: it is "human trafficking," and whatever the government is doing about it, is not working!

The commie says, "we have a broken immigration system that was decimated by the last administration."

What? It was Trump who got the border under control. It was Pedo-Joe who invited migrants in. And it was Commie La Harris, the "Border Czar," who watched them come in by the million.

Another Pedo-Joe failure, another Commie La Harris embarrassment.
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